Welcome to the home of "usr/sbin", audiozoloft, and the Second Life avatar known as AldoManutio Abruzzo.

Friends and listeners! The stream is back up, we'll be adding new music over the next few days (there may be some interruptions along the way), so enjoy. Thanks for stopping by (site overhaul is still going on ... )

Aldo at FuturePerfect in Bliss Basin

Listen to music of usr/sbin and Aldo at this webstream: The Ambient Expanse

"BLINK" - 2 Rooms & An Island has now opened and a YouTube video was shot by one of the attendees! Hope you can check out the video, if not the installation!

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My music is fairly available from different sources and in different formats. Here are a couple of places you can find it easily: (four samples there).

I've started releasing some tracks through The Ambient Collective and have been on several of their recent compilations.


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In Fall, 2006, I released an EP entitled "Approaching The Maritime" on the Mandorla netlabel (look for "Mandorla Netlabel 003"), as well as having a track on their compilation for Autumn, the "Mandorla Autumn Tunes Net-Collection".

In addtion to the Mandorla netlabel, I have had several releases on the new Earth Mantra netlabel. The first, entitled Incident at Triangulatum, earlier in 2007. The second, entitled "Nova Anglia, Terra Nova", is also now available. Both are free downloads, in ZIP file folders with cover art and production notes.

Also the "Archives" section over at has several live performances of mine, along with some jams with Darrell Burgan, who performs as palancar on those tracks. These tracks are actually exclusive and not available anywhere else (or in any other manner!). Maybe we'll get around to doing a compilation of theStillstream performances one of these days...but for now, enjoy!

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